Sam Shevat

General Partner with BNM since July 2017

I’m always enamored with what Founders answer when asked “why now?” – what personal motivations and market conditions make the timing right for their companies to succeed.

I moved to venture because of a deep interest in sharing what I’ve learned and partnering on the journey with a group of inspired founders.

BNM Capital is comprised of former operators who take an active role in our portfolio companies. Brutal honesty is delivered with the knowledge that we’ve been in that position before.

After starting my career in finance, I was fortunate to work along alongside incredible Founders and teams at KAYAK and SeatGeek.  I learned how great product experience translates to usage and commercialization. I also learned what it means to succeed in an early stage business.

I graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Applied Economics & Management (Dyson School) and received an MBA from Columbia University. School for me was about establishing the right fundamentals and understanding why businesses make the decisions that they do. At the end of the day, the numbers have to make sense, but it’s just a slice of the broader recipe for success.

Some of the companies that interest me are focused on delivering new models and solving unmet needs in online marketplaces, enterprise technologies, and mobile applications.

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