Michael Masone

Executive-in-Residence with BNM since May 2016

My father taught me that curiosity and the accumulation of knowledge are essential in living a full and meaningful life.

I consider myself a former jack-of-all-trades seeking mastery in the art of building great products. I’m also a technology junkie. I’ve been around computers nearly my entire life. Many have said that it is best to align your work with your passion in life. I’ll not be arguing against that philosophy.

Staying on the edge of technology is what makes my work interesting. In 2000, I worked on developing e-commerce analytics at Priceline. That was way before Webtrends, Omniture, and GA even existed.

What’s exciting now is that business analysis is moving into new and uncharted territories. With all the advances in data collection methods, unstructured databases, and visualization suites like Tableau and Domo, it’s a whole new ballgame. I’m excited to help businesses find their way.

The best companies are passionate, proactive, and focused. They also have to be honest about how unique they are in solving a problem and flexible enough to pivot quickly. This stuff really matters when you’re trying to build great products and services. While the product ideation process can be challenging and chaotic, working with BNM can bring some clarity and help you stay focused on the fundamentals that drive your business.


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