Anand Ravipati

Venture Partner, BNM Ventures with BNM since February 2017

The best way to get something you need is to ask for advice instead of help.

I have an M.D. from Ross University and also studied biotechnology at Penn State, so one of my specialties is working with seed/angel stage companies with a focus in biotech and healthcare. My medical knowledge comes in handy, but just going through medical school itself gave me great critical thinking and problem solving skills. Piecing together differential diagnoses with physical exams/patient histories was a great intellectual exercise to prepare me for my career in the startup world.

Working in this field can be incredibly inspiring. When I was still in med school, my family invested in EKSO bionics – an exoskeleton technology that helps paraplegic people walk. It really moved me to see the health benefits extend beyond the physical to the patient’s psyche and overall well being.

Currently, I’m fascinated by some communication technologies and how they are being utilized in the IoT space and beyond. For example, we are currently invested in a startup that uses age-old technology (RF waves) applied to GPS tracking, meaning that people can find each other and send their locations to each other more efficiently without using wi-fi, GSM, LTE, or bluetooth, saving battery, data, and more importantly, time and money.

At the end of the day, nobody can predict the future, there is an element of luck and timing that just cannot be accounted for. But here at BNM, we strive to make sure that companies and entrepreneurs prevail and win against the challenges we do have control over.

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