BNM supports exceptional founders creating the next wave of great companies.

We are entrepreneurs and operators who understand the journey and have been in the trenches.   We provide value-add capital in support of the teams we partner with.   Every investment is a long term relationship in service to the Founders we back. 

What we’re looking for:
  • Exceptional founders who are great people first and who have grit, vision, humility, passion, intelligence and ambition.
  • A differentiated, game changing product.
  • A big vision, strong thesis and well developed strategy that inform a clearly defined plan. 
Where and how we invest:
  • Generalist investors with a concentrated focus on enterprise tech, marketplaces, e-commerce, travel and hospitality and consumer.  
  • Invest from pre-seed through Series A. 
  • First checks range from $100k to $500k. 
  • Scalable capital for follow on investments. 
Value Creation post investment:
  • Active involvement from day 1 – custom tailored for each business.  
  • Focus on areas where Company needs align with BNM capabilities coupled with.
  • Access to our network of LPs, operating executives, closely held relationships and vetted service providers.

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