In 2006, ECS founder Paul Hoffmann had plenty of contacts in the travel industry. He also had an idea that would help them maximize the value of hotel sales. Seven years later, Paul was named one of the 25 most influential executives in the industry.

When we started working together in 2012, ECS had just 7 employees, and relied on third party contractors and outside technology to execute their business. They had good traction in a rapidly growing market, but no idea how to scale their own business. Over the next three and a half years, we worked with Paul and his team to help the company take advantage of immediate market opportunities, and start positioning ECS for a sale down the road.

In just 24 months, ECS saw an 800 percent increase in profitability.

As with all BNM projects, we started the process by defining success. And for ECS, this meant repositioning the company as a big data technology and services provider. To achieve this goal, we installed 2 named Advisors to help re-engineer and expand their business model, and established relationships with 9 subcontractors to help them build proprietary technology and products. Within 18 months, the company began earning a reputation as an innovation leader. And in just 24 months, they saw an 8X increase in profitability and a 4X rise in annual recurring revenue.

  • Created significant enterprise value from owned technology and products
  • Increased brand awareness and recognition as innovation leader
  • Increased annual recurring revenue by 4X and profitability 8X in 24 months
  • CEO named to top 25 most influential executives in the industry
  • Positioned the company for a transactional exit
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